English wedding ceremony in The Netherlands

You are getting married, congratulations! Now it’s time to choose where and how to celebrate this love-filled day. Have you considered to have an English wedding ceremony in The Netherlands?

English wedding ceremony in The Netherlands

Picture yourself in your wedding ceremony in The Netherlands. Choose one of the many beautiful venues in The Netherlands. A lovely country house, castle, garden or even a beach. You are surrounded by your family and friends.

Your registrar tells the wonderful story of your love for each other. And a harp starts to play and she sings that love song that means so much to you…

Wedding ceremony with children

If you have children, we will give them a special role throughout the ceremony. After all, you are not just getting married as a couple, but as a family.

Together with you (and them) we will see what special role fits with their character – whether they want to read a poem or play music on their instruments (maybe they would even like to play with us!)

Professional singer AND official registrar

Professional singer and official registrar Martine Straesser combines an informal, personal speech with beautiful, romantic live music.

Surprise yourselves and your guests with a ceremony unlike any you have ever witnessed before.

Martine Straesser

To find out more, please send me a message or call me. It is always possible to meet with me and discuss your ideas and wishes regarding your wedding ceremony (no strings attached!)